About Bill Patterson

Bill Patterson is the official artist of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. He performs ‘live art’ globally and is commissioned by an array of private clients such as Mazda, Microsoft, and FedEx.

His materpieces range fromt the race track to music, film and television; including sculptures, web design, original logos, custom etched wine bottles and premium clothing collection.

Residing in the southwest US,
in demand worldwide….
there is no slowing him down!
Bill Patterson is GONE!

6 thoughts on “About Bill Patterson

  1. Hi Bill,
    Long time! I was with The Voyager Group. We produced and sourced the product for the SAAB Cars USA Accessories Catalog from 1996 to 2004. I continued supplying product thru 2005 and as you know in GM’s wisdom they moved SAAB to Detroit area. We did polos, tees and a cool towel from your wonderful artwork. The client was Michael Kornowa…ah! the good ole days!!
    Anyway glad to see you are doing well from the looks of the action on your website. I am in Foothill Ranch, CA. South Orange County as The Promo Source and just thought I would reach out for a hello for old times sake!
    If you think we may have reason to work together in the future or a possible reunite just give me a ring!
    Take care,

    • Great to hear from you Paul. Those were the days indeed! As you can probably tell I’m not doing much clothing designs, but concentrating on live “action” art. I dearly want to be painting in the Olympic village in Russia. Get me that gig!
      Anyway let me know if you think of anything that could be a fit.

    • Thank you BILL……… For being SO Wonderful to US!! WE LOVE YOUR WORK, Going to Spread the news!! Picture is up and HANGING!! HUGE HUGs……………..

  2. Hi Bill,
    I stopped into your booth at Laguna with Scott, and if you remember, I talked to you about getting some prints for my son Zachary’s bedroom. How can I see your available inventory? I am thinking one larger and two med prints – his room is a lot of shades of darker blue, and his favorite car is a classic Cobra. Congrats on Austin. Dave Jenkins (760) 408-8822

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