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image description haydenlive2 Haydenlive4 haydenlive5 haydenlive3 haydenlive1 IMG_0165 IMG_0164 IMG_0115 Jeff Gordon w painting CALDER afterrun MexicoLive Dan signs bircches2 downhill32146 finish line last run skkkii milk run outofbounds Sebring2 TimeLapse PortfolioCommissioned studio and live art examples.



Live, Barcelona, Spanish GP


Live, Palm Desert “Desert Smash”


Live, 2014 Indy 500, 60X42


Live, 2014, Caplin Charity Gala, with high bidder, Fox’s Jon Scott.


Live, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


Studio, cover art for the Petit Le Mans race, Road Atlanta, 2006


Live, charity event in Carson City Nevada, 2012


Live, Yellow party, Indianapolis. Was signed by several drivers and auctioned off.

Sixth Annual ChalleNGe Champions Gala 179

Live, National Guard Youth Foundation Charity Gala

maseratiinterview mearsLive2014 Patterson-Mears-Rahal RYANNNN westby IMG_4507 DCS_5561 HarvickSigns _DSC0120 LiveVeyron Alonso1 FerrariFF live bigVista bugatti audiLive2 image description d&bLIVE08 Dindo GleasonTurner1 kimi4 Olympic Patterson Patron2 skispeed2 image description VitorSonoma07 LivePHX2 PIR West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame Fundraiser LaJolla1 LivePenguins santiago2ast

4 thoughts on “Portfolio Gallery

  1. I have a painting by Patterson but the signature is printed . Would you know who’s art this is? It looks like yours but clearly the signature does not match. The two t’s are connected and travel above the name. I’d appreciate any info. Thanks, Christy

    • I’m pretty sure I know the piece, I used a different signature that I was talked out of using again. Do you have a print, the original, or a “canvas transfer”?
      BTW, the piece is of Nigel
      Mansell in the 1992 Williams with which he won the championship that year.

  2. I have a Brett Favre Print called Frozen Rope. It’s my favorite collectable I own but can’t find any info. What can you tell me?
    Thanks Mike

    • Wow, I need to get that image up on my website! Anyway, its been a while, but while living in Madison back in ’98 or so I was commissioned to do the painting by a couple of local businessmen. I cant remember how they found me, but they had the plan to produce a limited edition collectible that would be signed by Brett. I came up with some ideas and we agreed to the “look” and content. I was paid for the original and the reproduction rights, and assisted with the signing of the prints by Brett. I wish I could tell you more but that was about it.

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