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Bill Patterson Racing Art

119 Comal Peak

Bulverde TX 78163

830-387-2623, cell 805-908-1507

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  1. I have an original Aryton Senna painting I purchased from you at the Phoenix Grand Prix back in 1990. Just wondering it’s value.

    Best regards,
    Jeff Rezendes

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in buying one of your prints as a Christmas gift.

    Do you ship internationally? If yes, what would be the shipping cost to ship to Alberta, Canada? Thank you.

  3. Hello Mr. Patterson,

    Several years ago my wife and I purchased your painting of Ayrton Senna at Donnington 93′, titled “rain master” I believe.

    My wife, Mary Joe, passed away last year and I have been rebuilding / re-inventing my life this past year. Car racing was our shared passion and your painting held a place of honour in our household. As with our collection of cars, I would like to find a new home for this piece and thought the best place to start would be with its creator.

    Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you or your clientele has an interest in this wonderful work.


    Ben Schreiner

  4. I wanted to know if you have the originals, and the prices for paintings “NICKY!”, “VALENTINO”, and “BULLFIGHT” ? Thank you. Happy Holidays!!!

    • Sorry for the delay. None of those originals are available, although I do have one that Nicky signed last summer in San Francisco. Additionally I am available for commissions!
      Please let me know if you’re interested in either. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Hi Bill, love your art ! Laguna Seca in particular. I recently saw a pic of you painting at the Sema show,at the continental booth CGR champs Telmex racing. I am trying to find out if there is a print, copy, etc. that I can buy. thanks, John Barker

  6. Hey Bill,

    I was at the Rolex Monterey Historics over the summer (2012) and I saw you do the painting of the #77 challenger, at the red bull energy center. My dad is a trans am driver his car is the red 1968 trans am mustang #28 and I would like you to possibly paint it at next years historic races, if you could give me a price, and a yes or no, that would be great!

  7. Wow Bill, it looks like you got your style back that made you great. The work that saw at the Long Beach Grand Prix was the best of all the artist then. I bought the Arton Senna post card s and hat pins set with Mario and Nigel in it. What a neet peice.still have it alomg with other pieces . The abstracs are bar none are heads above the rest. Do you commision art work for personal sale of other racing venues. Keep bringing great moments to fans alike.

    • Hi Bill can you return a text so i can talk about buying some atrwork from you.. I am opening an art, ticket sales in Arizona. I think the racers out here are ready for quility racing art.

  8. Looking for a name for the updated version of ‘The Pass’?
    How about ‘Master and Apprentice’ or just plain ‘The Apprentice’?
    No copyright involved :))

  9. Can you please tell me if you are selling prints of the Window World Racing/John Andretti painting from 2009 that features the NASCAR stock car and Indy Car? I had always considered purchasing it and could not find it on your site. Thanks!

  10. Hey Bill we just wanted to say Hi. I remember when you said you were embarking on this dream and were leaving KC. We saw you on TV at the NASCAR race in Phoenix. Congrats and good luck.

    • I’ve been trying to figure out who G&B are!? Anyway, KC seems like a long time ago. After I got out to California I managed to do an excellent imitation of a starving artist, doubted my judgement.

  11. Bill,

    I was at the Andretti Event in Napa where you painted “3 wide”. The auction was very memorable!

    Would you be willing to paint “3 wide” for me? I will always remember that beautiful evening at the winery.

    I would need a price quote if you are interested. 24″ x 36″ approximate size would fit well over my Grandfather’s roll top desk in my office.

    Regardless, I’m glad that I happened onto your website.

    All the best from Pittsburgh, Pa.

    Doug Amick, Sr.

  12. Hi Bill, I enquired about the Favre ( Frozen Rope ) signed print the other day.
    Wonder about value for insurance . Trying to value my collection.
    Thanks for your time. Mike

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