Great fun in Montreal, the Inaugural Tagliani Foundation gala

Alex and Bronte Tagliani invited me to come to Montreal and do a little painting at their inaugural gala. The venue was spectacular. I did two paintings, one in the afternoon during the golf tournament celebrating Alex’s crazy busy and varied year that everyone in the tournament was invited to add a few strokes to, the other during dinner of another famous French Canadian, Gilles Villeneuve in the Ferrari. Both were auctioned for the foundations charities and raised $9,000.00!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.55.29 AM GilesLive

Tudor Awards Banquet in NYC!

At the fabulous Cipriani’s in NY on 42nd St, the Inaugural Tudor Awards Banquet was held Monday night. Continental commissioned 3 paintings from me, these two were done at the studio, a third, which will be up soon, was painted during cocktails before the ceremony began. Continental has me do the paintings and a set of prints of each and send them to the winning teams. A great gig and a great client.

2014 LMPC Champions Core Autosport

2014 LMPC Champions Core Autosport


St. Pete reprise in Indianapolis.

Back at the beginning of the year, I did a live painting at the Yellow Party in St. Pete. It sold at an auction that night and, IMHO, it looked fantastic. Andretti racing liked it so much they asked me if I would do another, similar, one for their offices. So the day after they won the Indy 500 I went over to their shop in Indianapolis, set up my easel, and painted one up. BTW, the offices are a gallery of my work, very cool. Anyway, Marcia Reinauer set up a camera and made a video of the painting and it looks terrific. Thanks Marcia!

So, this is the first one done in St. Pete:stpete2014

See the video of the one done in May in Indy:

Meanwhile, in Columbus…

For the third year I travelled to Columbus Ohio for the Rally 4 The Ranch charity gala. This year Rick Mears was honored and during dinner I did a painting of him making the winning pass on Michael Andretti Around the outside in turn 1, about 12 laps before the end of the 1991 Indy 500. And I was there that year and saw it live! It was a fantastic finish, and one of the most exciting passes I’ve ever seen.

This was Rick’s final of 4 wins at the Speedway, and a very exciting and satisfying victory. In the painting just behind Rick’s car is a ghost of the 1911 winning Marmon Wasp from the very first 500. I had an opportunity to talk with Rick about the painting, his career, racing at Indy and that race in particular. Very cool. Anyway, the painting auctioned off for the charity for $20,000.00! In the second picture is the successful bidder, Rick Mears, Bobby Rahal, and some artist dude.mearsLive2014 mearslivegroup

Heavyweight Art!

I had a unique opportunity last year to do a live painting of 4 heavyweight boxers who were gathered for a charity event last fall in Hamilton. You all know Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes and Evander Holyfield , but you may not know Canadian George Chuvalo, a fighter who was “the man” back when I was a kid growing up in Calgary. He won a lot of fights, and lost a bunch too, but he never ever was knocked down in the ring. He was made of granite. Also a very entertaining guy. I couldn’t decide who I liked more, Chuvalo or Holmes.
Anyway, we auctioned the finished paintings off as a set at the end of the evening.